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Why I Quit Facebook

Firstly, Facebook’s privacy policies are the very least of my concerns. I’m fairly transparent on the Web anyway and all a person has to do to discover all my skeletons is Google me. And this applies to all who choose to “go digital.” I have no qualms about posting my address or my phone number or my email. I don’t care if someone is tracking my every movement on the Internet (they’ll soon learn that there’s nothing overly exciting or blackmail worthy). I have blogs, Web Pages, personal domains, profiles, and a public LinkedIn Profile. Why don’t I care? Because I [ ... ]
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Should We Question Everything?

The movie “The Matrix” is shot through with principles and ideas that parallel the state of society as it exists today. The “Financial Matrix” so graphically described by Orrin Woodward in his best seller by the same title being the most vivid. There is yet another event involving Morpheus and Neo that sparks deep contemplation. The scene portrays Neo going with Morpheus to visit the Oracle to determine whether Neo is “The One” who will save humanity from the machines. In the Oracle’s home are a number of young children with extraordinary mind powers who are potential candidates to fulfill the prophecy. One is a boy, about age [ ... ]

I Hope You’re Hungry!

Are you perfectly content with your life? I hope not. I hope you’re hungry! Hunger is a key component to all success. Hunger leads to growth rather than grumbling, progress rather than protesting. Hunger stretches the divine imagination beyond our wildest dreams and empowers us to action Hungry is being grateful for what you have, while also striving for something better. Hunger is being humble without being subservient. I hope you’re hungry. Hunger is taking absolute responsibility for your life and your circumstances. The degree to which I give up responsibility or blame others determines the degree to which I can control the outcome. “There’s no shortage of [ ... ]

Men Who Stay

There is a perpetual struggle of the mind in all people. The Apostle Paul calls it the struggle with “powers”. Often we define the term he uses as descriptive of the internal and external struggles against dark spiritual forces. However, I have come to believe that he is referring more to the emotional demons with which we are consistently faced. Men, regenerated good men, struggle with this as husbands, dads, and friends. The transformed heart essentially has a desire to do good, yet there are powers that exist that create exhausting stress, often to the point of just wanting to give up and throw in the towel. But authentic, good [ ... ]

Wealth and Happiness – Two Sides of the Coin

“You cannot worship two gods at once. Loving one god, you’ll end up hating the other. Adoration of one feeds contempt for the other. You cannot worship God and money both.” – (Matthew 6:24 The Message) I have recently become increasingly aware of just how much our society has bought into the idea that the more material wealth one can produce, the happier one will be. Random surveys on which single factor would produce more happiness and joy repeatedly indicate that the majority of people claim they would be much happier if they had more money. However, if I ask an individual [ ... ]

No Turning Back!

I get it. I know my destiny. I know my calling, I have proclaimed my “Yes” and I know I will NOT be moved. God has laid a path before me and no matter how many times the ball hits the bumpers, the end result we be what God intended it to be. Late fall of 1983 I called my dad to tell him that I felt a divine calling on my life for full time ministry. “What should I do?” He answered, “Son, stay out of it” and then he added…”If you can” And so I’m reminded of Romans 11:29 29 God’s gifts [ ... ]

Change is Difficult and Excellence Illusive.

If We Cease to Grow We Begin to Slide. If a rosebud ceases to bloom it will perish. It’s beauty may last for a season, but only while attached to the bush can it fulfill it’s ultimate purpose…to reproduce! When I determine to advance to a new level of growth I will immediately be faced with the discomfort of new and different challenges. My old habits, thoughts and routines line up to resist change. Each obstacle seems insurmountable and creates a sense of personal defeat. The easy way out will be to simply step back into the comfort (or rather, familiar) [ ... ]

Beautiful Imperfection…From Broken Pottery to Treasured Vessel

  “We are all wonderful, beautiful wrecks. That’s what connects us–that we’re all broken, all beautifully imperfect.” ― Emilio Estevez It is a curious sensation: the sort of pain that goes mercifully beyond our powers of feeling. When you’re so bent and broken, your boats are burned: nothing really matters any more. And then all of a sudden love that you thought was lost reaches down and you find that this place you were in is not so much the end of happiness as the beginning of peace. It is the greatest of struggles that produces the sweetest of victories. The sweetest of these being [ ... ]
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South Africa at the Polls

The final results of South Africa’s 5th “Free and Fair” democratic election since the dismantling of apartheid are all in and social media is buzzing with dismay. Whether it was a free and fair poll or not is not the quandary. How a political party with multiple problems could be reelected is. South Africans have just reelected a party that has yet to keep one of its campaign promises made for the last 5 elections it has won. At the helm remains a president with numerous corruption charges and character flaws exceeding the never changing spots on the proverbial leopard. A quick Google search will reveal [ ... ]

The Greatest Cost

The Redemptiveness of Christ’s Lordship This is the fourth in a series on the pursuit of characteristics of Kingdom Living. One of the most difficult and most controversial aspects of faith is the idea of submission to the Lordship of Christ. Jesus said, “If anyone wants to be my disciple he must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me.” The cross road is not necessarily an honorable or a pleasant road. Rather it is a costly road of Lordship. Why is it so difficult? Because this is a foreign concept in 20th century America. It is diametrically opposed to the philosophy of [ ... ]
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